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24x7 Web Hosting DNS Values


ns1.business-web-pages.com        (

ns2.business-web-pages.com        (


Transferring your own DNS values is usually very simple.  The registrar with whom you purchased your domain will have a form on their web site entitled "Manage your domain" or "Changed DNS".  By clicking on this then logging on with the password they would have supplied you when you purchased the domain, you can update the settings to the values quoted above.


If you are unable to do this, you have 2 options.

#1.  The option we prefer is that you transfer your domain to 24x7-Web-Hosting.  In doing this, you will be extending the registration of your domain and enabling yourself access to the Domain management tools we provide.  If you are paying more than #14.95 per year (and most people are), you will also save money.  In performing the transfer, we will update the DNS settings for you.


#2.  The second option, if you don't want to transfer your domain, is to have us initiate the DNS change.  We will inform your registration company, who will in turn send you an email to confirm the change.  You must respond to this email indicating the changes meet with your approval.  There may be a charge from your registrar for doing this.  In most cases it is a nominal fee.  Nominal or not, it costs you nothing to transfer your domain - that is why we recommend option #1.













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